Thursday, 26 November 2015

Coventry Capers 31

 A bit of a wet ride today, contrary to the weather forecast.  Had only travelled 300 yards and had to stop and put wet weather gear on.  It wasn't raining as such but very drizzly, the kind that makes you very wet!  Met Graham in Leamington and cycled over to Kenilworth where Mick was waiting for us.  We were ten minutes late as the traffic between Leamington and Kenilworth was very busy and we couldn't make progress.  The plan was to head out around Balsall Common but with the weather being a bit iffy we stayed around the Canley area of Coventry.

The 'Totem Pole'

This structure has appeared in the last few weeks on the multi user path between Kenilworth and the University of Warwick.  No explanation with it, it appears to be a large tree trunk with square holes fashioned into the top section. We thought they might be nesting boxes but they seem too shallow for that.  It is at this location that HS2, the high speed rail link planned for London to Birmingham is proposed to pass through. Not sure if that is significant.  Mick has christened it the Totem Pole, very apt.

Amigos in the Park

Called in at the cafe in the Memorial Park on the outskirts of Coventry. Tea and toasted tea cake all round was the order of the day.  Having ordered them, a lady turned up with freshly baked fruit scones which would have been a better option. Thanks to the waitress for taking the snap. On the way back, we left Mick in Canley and Graham and I decided to visit an old cycling buddy, John from the ESCC who lived nearby. Recently made a widower, John was pleased to see us and we caught up on new, and old, times over a cup of tea.

My total for the day was 31 miles. Luckily, the drizzle fizzled out (never put so many ZZZs in a sentence before. I nearly fell asleep then) and it was quite pleasant by the time we finished.

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