Sunday, 22 November 2015

Clevedon Calamity ! 35

Took a ride over to Clevedon today to see my daughter Jacqueline and her partner James. Always good for a cup of tea there! Went out through Hewish and the Strawberry Line to Yatton then across country through Kingston Seymour. Felt a little vulnerable as the rucksack carrying tools, wet weather gear, puncture outfit, spare tube and pump etc had been left at home. Should be OK though, after 3,200 miles this bike seems pretty foolproof!  Wrong.

Blind Yeo 

The Blind Yeo is a man made channel, built in 1949, to help alleviate flooding in the Kenn Valley. It runs for about 2.5 miles across the coastal clay belt.  This picture was taken in Strode Road just outside Clevedon.

Jacqueline and James (and Dillon)

Jacqueline has lived in Clevedon for about 25 years now and it is really nice to be able to call in and see them occasionally on my bike rides. Must arrange to go out for a ride with James soon, get him away from his golf and running.  5 minutes after I left them to go home the back tyre on my bike blew up!  Walked back to fix it in James' garage to find that the tyre itself was damaged as well as a big hole in the tube. Couldn't have fixed it if I did have the rucksack on board.

Bus Shelter in Congresbury

Luckily, the new transport was made to measure apart from the saddle!  Should have thought to have changed them over.  This bus shelter is near the centre of Congresbury.

The 35 miles covered today were 6 short of the weekly target unfortunately.

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