Sunday, 15 November 2015

Bridgewater Blow 24

The rain and high winds have gone after a couple of days so can get out and about this morning.  The wind is still quite strong, 20+mph, so opted for a train ride to Bridgwater and get blown back.  The dead straight line on the map is the Strava app being paused at Weston Station and restarted at Bridgwater.   Came back across the Somerset Levels with the wind from behind, over the left shoulder and pushed the average mph to 13.4, pretty good for me. It wasn't all easy peasy mind, took the opportunity to work harder than normal to keep the speed up. A particular highlight of the ride was spotting four red deer in a field near Mark. A bit too far away to get a photo unfortunately.

Weston Rail Station

Two issues at the station. First of all there was a queue at the ticket office so to avoid waiting, used the self service ticket machine. Note to self:-  Next time, do not buy a return ticket if the intention is to ride home.  The platform for Bridgwater was on the other side of the track so had to carry the bike up and over the footbridge.  Apart from that it all went swimmingly. On the train, there were 4 other cyclists so space was at a bit of a premium.

Bridge over the River Parrett

Left the station and took a little diversion into the town centre of Bridgwater for a look round. Not terribly inspiring to be honest, the usual cluster of phone/coffee/fast food shops alongside the national chain stores. To be fair, did not really explore too much.  This nicely painted bridge spans the River Parrett a 37 mile long river that has its source in Dorset and flows NW into the Bristol Channel.  Before the railways Bridgewater was a fairly important port as the river is navigable for some miles from the sea

(Admiral) Robert Blake

Parenthsis are used as, despite being an excellent seaman, and considered by many as the father of the Royal Navy, Blake was a parliamentarian during the Civil War and served Cromwell and the Commonwealth of England. Naval ranks were not recognised then and he was entitled a General at Sea. This statue of him has a prominent position in Bridgwater, his birth town.  He lived 1598 to 1657.

Good to get out today. Covered 24 miles, 20 short of the weeks total.

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