Friday, 20 November 2015

Brean Down Blow 23

Sudden change to the weather.  A change in wind direction, coming from the NW, has brought cold air with it.  Quite prepared this morning though with an extra layer on, and went out to Berrow and Brean to visit Brean Down.  The cafe was closed up, for the season presumably, so no cup of tea today.  Cycling against the wind was not too bad although it did get a bit worse towards the end.

Brean Down

This promentary sticking out into the Bristol Channel is about 300 feet high and is considered to be the westerly end of the Mendip Hills.  Not many people about today, in fact none. I did see a large brown rat running across the slip way into some rocks.  Amazing what these wild animals find to eat.

Nice ride today, first for a couple of days. Clocked 23 miles in all.

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