Thursday, 15 October 2015

Stratford Saunter 26

Having a couple of days in Leamington and where are my mates when company is needed on a ride? Scattered all over the world. Well, one in Spain, one in the Canaries. A solo effort today then so chose to ride out to Stratford upon Avon to see the sights. Went through Warwick and back through Wellesbourne. Not bad weather, a little chilly with a NE wind still.

Supplies needed

On the way through Warwick, called at this craft shop. I do a bit of cross stitch now and again and needed a certain colour thread to finish a project. There are as many unicorns in Weston Super Mare as there are craft shops and have been struggling to find what was needed, I remembered this one and called in, Bingo, they had just what was needed.

Stratford Tea Break

Reached Stratford after about 14 miles so time for a cup of tea. Called in at the barge/snack bar parked in the Marina in the centre of the town.  The sun nearly came out and it was quite pleasant sitting watching the world go by.

A statue

Nothing to say what this is about. Just a bronze statue at the edge of the marina.

To celebrate a life

A bit of a sad story this. Originally, a tree of heaven was planted at the front of the theatre to celebrate the life of my late mother in law, Margaret Weller. This was about 15/16 years ago. The tree flourished and was a fine, healthy plant. Then someone decided to refurbish the theatre and the tree needed to be moved. A new plot was found on the other side of the river, opposite All Saints Church (where Shakespeare is buried) but unfortunately, the tree was damaged in the process and did not survive. A replacement was found by the council and that also failed. This one appears to be healthy but the top has been vandalised and the growth you can see is not expected to do well. There is a promise that a bigger, healthier tree will be found to take its place. Watch this space.

A good ride of just over 26 miles.

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