Saturday, 31 October 2015

Bleadon Boundary 19

 A very nice last day of October. Sun shining, very temperate, ideal for a bike ride. One little job to do first, nip to the local Tescos for bread and milk.  Went the long way round, via the prom. Dropped the goods off at home and went for a bit of exercise along the side of Bleadon Hill.

Weston Tides

Contrary to popular belief, the tide does come in at Weston Super Mare and here is the proof. Admittedly it only gets this high at the times of the full moon but at the spring and autumn equinox it is high enough to warrant flood gates being utilised.  Very pleasant down the prom today with a lot of folks out jogging and cycling.

Get the goods

This little Tescos is only a half mile from our place so is very handy for the last minute bits and pieces that we all forget.  Tescos are in the business of reorganising their shops and may be getting rid of a lot of these smaller shops. My advice, purely on a selfish basis, don't.


Nearing the end of the spin out, went back through Uphill.  And there, surprise surprise considering the date, was a witch. On her way to work (Tescos by coincidence) where they were encouraged to dress up for Halloween. Thank you Mrs Witch for helping out with this blog.

19.3 miles today. Should have gone the extra bit for the 20!

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