Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Barford Bound. 27

Stopping overnight in Leamington visiting family and friends. This afternoon was free so did some visiting whilst out for a ride. The intention today was to get to the village of Barford where there was a good, topical, photo opportunity to be had.

Pumpkin Farm

Saw this lorry whilst travelling in the morning from Breakfast Club at Wellesbourne to Leamington. Just had to have a ride out to get this photo and combined it with an errand that had to be done in Kenilworth.  Wasperton Farm at Barford make a big thing of pumpkins at this time of year and the amount of cars that were parked down the drive and going in and out constantly must mean that it is a profitable crop at this time of year.

27 miles today. Some would say a long way for one photograph!

More tomorrow when it will be possible to download the map and a photograph on my home laptop.

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