Thursday, 8 October 2015

Balearic Bash 8

Back after a week on the island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean.  Had a break with one of the grandsons, Tommy and we had a boy's week.  Only had the chance to hire a bike for one day and we made the most of that exploring around San Antonio Bay.  Couldn't get the Strava going so cobbled this map view up from Google Earth.

The Falcoln Trail

This is a well established track between Port de Torrens and Cala Bassa. This was one of my favourite places to run when staying in Ibiza and it was good to have the chance to cycle it.  Stopped at this 'work in progress' site. It has been like this for at least 20 years. I think someone should change the status to 'failed project'.

Cala Bassa

A view from the falcon trail of the beach at Cala Bassa, our destination.

Cala Bassa Beach

The idea was to get to this beach and do some snorkelling. Unfortunately the sea had been a bit rough during the night and the water, normally very clear was quite cloudy. So that put paid to that plan.


Rather than have to push the bikes along the beach, we found a boardwalk that went all the way across to the other side. Good job it was October, this may have been more difficult with the summer crowds about. Tommy in the distance saying, "Come on Grandad, what have you stopped this time for?" He will get used to it!

Horse Sculpture

A very clever piece of art, made out of driftwood presumably.

Not a real bike!

This was the day after. Gave up the pedals for a 125cc Honda. We had this for a couple of days, much more to Tommy's delight. We managed to get round quite a bit of the island on this cranky old thing.

A modest 8 miles in all. A nice break but came back with a nasty chesty cough.

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