Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Old Gits Day 23

Not a great deal to report on today. The weather was not too good at all when we started out, it was very windy (behind us fortunately) and with showers it was necessary to put wet weather gear on. 8 turned up and luckily the weather improved as the rain held off after 9 and the wind speed must have halved by the time we finished. No photographs taken unfortunately. There was one moment missed when, after the back tyre on my bike went down, 4 of us piled into a bus shelter and changed the inner tube. 4 men in lycra, in a small bus shelter, messing about with rubber tubes was not a pretty sight to be honest so perhaps a good job I forgot to do it.  After all the rain, decided against using the Strawberry Line, it would have been a bit squidgy (lovely word that) in places, so used the road between Winsford and Sandford instead

Thats it really, the usual 23 miles.

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