Sunday, 20 September 2015

Burnham Breeze 28

A fairly quiet day today, weatherwise so taking an amble down to Burnham on Sea taking the usual route through Mark and back through Brean.  There is a scarecrow competition on in Uphill this weekend so as I go through there twice that will be the obvious target for some happy snaps.


Not much to say about the first one that came into view. It is a clown sitting on a hedge. Adds a bit of colour to a fairly dull afternoon.


Very topical this one with the Dismaland exhibition on in Weston these last few weeks. Banksy is a brilliant street artist that usually conveys a powerful social message. He hails from Bristol, allegedly, and has managed to stay anonymous and out of the press although his work in internationally renowned. This one gets my prize for the competition. There is a sneaking suspicion that the face mask is Prince Harry. Who knows!

Hi De Hi

A very popular comedy series by the BBC in the eighties, it parodied the holiday camp scene of the 50s and 60s. These are two of the characters from that series, Yvonne on the left, one half of the ballroom act, and the other is Gladys, the welsh senior 'yellow coat' and camp announcer.

A fairly easy 28 miles today. A few short of the week's target unfortunately.

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