Saturday, 18 July 2015

Weston Wander 16

Must have left the Strava on in Warwick because the journey today shows direct from Warwick, in a dead straight line, to Weston, a distance of 15.8 miles. I dont think so, it is about 100 really. Hope to get this right for the big ride tomorrow.

This is what it really was, a meander around Weston at a very gentle pace in preparation for tomorrows Great Weston Ride which should be around 60 miles.

The Tropicana

Built in 1937, the Tropicana site was once the biggest outdoor pool in Europe and had the highest diving boards. All in Art Deco style, for the last 15 years it has been derelict. Now owned by the council it does have plans to be opened again as a pool but that is a long way off yet. This is something the local community would like to see and is the subject of much debate on social media. There is now a cafe, The Bay, which has recently opened, and is proving very popular with locals and visitors alike.  Quiet a few sitting out there this morning.

Bourton Lane, Wick.

Not a lot of interest in this photo but it shows the type of country side that I aim for when out on the bike; flat, quiet, almost traffic free. The only trouble is, main roads have to be negotiated before you can reach them.

Can't claim the 100 miles today, will have to settle for 16 instead.

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