Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Old Gits plus Loxton Loop 26

Tuesday is Old Gits day. 10 of us went round the circuit today, 6 of us took a little extra diversion around Loxton. A beautiful morning, it was a pleasure to be out.

A Zebra?

After tea and cake at Caffles Garden Centre in Hewish, made our way back to Weston. Have seen this chap several times now, the first time today where it was possible to get a picture. He lives on the Wick Road in West Hewish.  Not really a zebra, just his style of coat. The owner was there and I forgot to ask why the poor old chap has to wear a big coat in the summer. Do white horses get sunburn perhaps?

Good one today, just over 26 miles.


  1. Hiya , I am the owner of the 'zebra' the answer to your question- why does he have to wear a thick coat in summer?....The rug he is wearing is called a fly sheet. It is made out of thin mesh, there are many types however a couple of years ago they bought out a new one which was striped like a zebra including a striped mask, the stripes confuse the flies so they do not land on them, this means horses are able to go out in the fields and relax in the summer without being irritated and stressed out by flies :)

  2. Thanks for that Hannah. I did wonder. I will update the blog to reflect that, thanks for your comment. Can you get them for humans? Just kidding. Ken

  3. I haven't seen one yet however you never know what crazy invention they will come up with next!!

  4. Came past your place again today. Noticed there were two zebras in the field!