Saturday, 6 June 2015

Clevedon Crawl 32

Lovely sunny morning but that wind has returned with a vengeance. According to BBC weather it is about 23 mph from the west which is off the sea. Feels quite cool to be honest, for June anyway. Had an invite from my daughter, who lives over at Clevedon, just north along the coast, to meet up for coffee so, killing two birds with one cycle clip, rode over to see her. 

Strawberry Line

A disused railway line between Cheddar and Yatton, this is well used by walkers and cyclists alike. This structure is at Yatton and marks the start/finish of the trail whichever way you are travelling. Called the Strawberry Line because it was built to carry strawberries from Cheddar to the coast.

The Bridge Inn

On the road between Yatton and Clevedon, this pub is one of the Hungry Horse chain. It is on a bridge but there is no sign of one in the vicinity!  The road rises on the approach to a bend and drops down the other side but no sign of any road, river or rail to suggest why it should do so.

Clevedon Railway

No, the bike has not suddenly grown five fold, this is a model railway that runs around the Salthouse Field at Clevedon. A very well made fully working steam engine, it gives rides to folk who are willing to part with a pound or so. Whilst placing the bike, very carefully, near to the engine, a chap came out and asked me to be very careful. It didn't go down too well that I shared his concern and did not want to get any green paint on my pedals! I think he had been through a humour lock.

Got over to Clevedon in a record time but, at times, it was a struggle getting back against the wind. Covered 32 miles in all.

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