Sunday, 21 June 2015

Kewstoke Kwickie 7

A big weekend in Weston. It is Armed Forces Day and Weston Airshow combined. Disappointing yesterday as the Spitfire was grounded due to the wind and the Red Arrows made a very brief appearance in the low cloud base. Hopefully will get the full show today, including the Vulcan bomber. Did not go far this morning, just around the bay. The roads are very busy in and around Weston and the aim today was to get some decent photos and make up the mileage to the target of 100 for the week.

Field Hospital

Part of the display on the Beach Lawns, these soldiers were kind enough to pause the operation for a photo shoot. The wounded soldier did not mind, in fact he had a bit of a smile on his face despite the serious would to the abdomen. I don't hold out much hope for the patient waiting on the left.
In all seriousness, these guys do a tremendous job in the field, always under difficult conditions and no doubt have saved countless lives and further serious trauma.

Red Arrows

Hoping to get to see them today.  Formed in 1964, they are the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team. They have performed globally over 4600 times. Their motto is 'Eclate' meaning Excellence.  

Royal Marine Assault Craft

One of the many military items on display this weekend. I went down a bit later with one of the grandsons and this craft was crawling with kids.  And some adults as well!


One of the first of many helicopters landing on the Beach Lawns today. A bit later in the day, this was full of them, including a Sea King and other RAF 'choppers'. There is a Chinook displaying later which performed yesterday. That is an awesome sight. Difficult to get the bike in as well when that thing is 1000' feet up, virtually upside down.

Just 7 miles today, but that took the weekly total to 103 which means job done.

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