Thursday, 25 June 2015

Hatton Hoedown 30

Out for as longer ride today with Graham, an old friend.  Met in Whitnash and decided to to a moderate run out into the country. Ended up going to Wellesbourne, Charlecote, Barford, Norton Lindsey, Hatton, Leek Wootton and back through Warwick. A decent ride in splendid weather. About time too.

Grand Union Canal

Getting into Hatton, we headed to the cafe at the canal locks. Have done this shot before, but worth doing again. Very peaceful and tranquil at this little marina near to Dark Lane.

Two Amigos

Tucking into tea and cake at the cafe.  It was getting a bit cloudy two hours into the ride but still very pleasant to be outside. The tea bread (with butter) is to be recommended.

Hatton Locks Cafe

I thought Graham was going to go back in for a minute but he was just reading the notice board. Can certainly suggest if you are in the area, pay this place a visit, The nearby car park will cost you £1.20 but not bad for all day. Loads of lovely walks in the area.

An excellent ride today. Good to catch up with Graham on the 30 plus miles we did.

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