Sunday, 18 January 2015

Yatton Yomp 29

A much better ride today. Wind had dropped considerably and although cold, was quite pleasant in the sunshine.  Decided to go out to Yatton, an area I havent visited before so must be worth having a look round.  Went out through Worle, Hewish and Conglesbury and returned via Sandford and Banwell.

Yatton RFC

Made it into Yatton, no trouble, but did not look for the town centre. At the Rugby Club, on the Clevedon Road, stopped to take stock and decided to turn back at this point.  Can't tell you too much about them unfortunately other than they same to be quite a prosperous club with 3 senior teams, junior and mini teams and a ladies section.

Strawberry Line Calamity No. 1

Heading back towards Weston, saw a sign for the Strawberry Line Cafe which pointed down to the railway station. Time for tea and cake then.  Parking up, some chap came out and told me that it was closed for painting. It should have been opened today but they had been held up. Not surprised looking at half the workmen either having a fag or, like the chap in the photo, fiddling about on a mobile phone.

Yatton Station

This is still an active station on the Bristol to Exeter line. It was originally built to service Clevedon but after seven owners, is part of the National rail Network. Standing on this station is like going back 60 years. The cafe itself was initially opened in 2011.  It stands on the Strawberry Line which is commemorated with an arched gate nearby.

Cadbury Garden Centre

One of the biggest garden and leisure centres in the area, Cadbury is situated between Conglesbury and Yatton.  I called in to see what the cafe situation was and when I saw it was a Costas, next door to the main entrance I gave it a miss. There is one at the renovated Strawberry Line station at Sandford. Best to call in there.

Calamity number two. The cafe at Sandford was closed as well! "Golly gosh", as my Dad would have said. So near to home now, might as well give the idea of refreshments a miss. Just over 29 miles today. Did not quite reach the hundred but not far off.

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