Friday, 30 January 2015

No show today 29th Oct 15

Not a good day to be out on a bike today. 30 mph winds, intermittent rain, and indeed, flurries of snow occasionally. I did think about riding to Glastonbury or Wells with the strong wind behind me and catching the train back to Weston. That plan went out the window when I did some research and found that neither town had a railway station. So, apart for a little trip out to Woodspring Priory, stayed in the warm and dry all day.
Spent some time sorting out some computer files and saw these four pictures from blogs gone by. They are amongst my favourite ones so thought I would share them with you.

Hatton Bottom Lock

Taken on the 22/01/13, this was an excellent ride over bridle paths and along the canal. The two people and the dog happened to be in the right place and added to the picture.

Tesco's Bridge

Taken on the 13/12 12, the ducks were very obliging on this one. This was the Emscote Road canal bridge next to Tescos at Warwick. It had been a frosty morning and the canal was frozen over which had driven the ducks to the warmer water under the bridge.

Villa Park

On the 05/12/12, me and the bike went to Villa Park in Birmingham, the home of Aston Villa FC. Being a lifelong supporter, I contacted them and asked for permission to pay them a visit. They were most obliging and allowed me into the ground (but dont go stand on the grass) to take some shots. Unfortunately, the goalposts are taken down between games, so could not lean the bike against them. A good day that was.

Sikh Temple Leamington

This is a place that I had been past quite a few times looking for a decent picture. Most times the weather was dreadful, the sun was in the wrong place or traffic was too busy. On this occasion, it all fell into place. Dark clouds behind, the building in sunlight and the rainbow was a real bonus. Pity about the lampost.

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