Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Old Gits Gadabout 25

Its Tuesday so it is Old Gits Day. A dry morning but a bit fresh so put an extra layer on today. Did the usual route out through Banwell, Sandford and back, via the cafe at Hewlish, through Puxton.

Stopping to take stock

A bit of a breather after climbing Banwell Hill and also a good check to make sure everyone is OK.  This is at the top of Max Mill Lane. The sun was out by this time which gave a very pleasant feel to the rest of the ride.

Weston Fountain

I left the group early at the cafe as we are away for about 12 days as from later today. Need to start packing!  I extended the normal ride slightly to finish the ride along the prom. This fountain is in the Plaza opposite the Grand Pier.

A nice 25 today. May not be on now for 12 days or so unless you can hire bikes in Italy and they have plenty of WiFi cafes. Watch this space.

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