Friday, 17 October 2014

17th October 2014 Burnham Burn 26

Another nice day, again very warm and mild for the time of the year. There is a lot of activity on Weston beach which is being transformed into a motorcycle race track, with hazards, which is due to start tomorrow morning. The plan today is to check out the beach and then go south along the coast to Burnham on Sea.

A bicycle made for three

This chap was riding this bicycle made for three along the promenade. He agreed to pose, if you can call it that, for a picture and gave the reason for the bike, "Its just a bit of fun". I wouldn't fancy riding that very far on my own.

Making a jump

There are a few of these along the beach, one is about 25' high. This one is right outside our flat so we are going to have a grandstand view of the races. I think the large pipe gives support to the structure and also allows spectators access from one side of the course to the other at various points. It has been fascinating to watch all the diggers and bulldozers build these.

Burnham on sea Low Lighthouse

Built by Joseph Nelson  in 1832 to replace the original Round Tower Lighthouse, this protects shipping from the dangerous mud flats in the River Parret estuary. Its main purpose is to guide fishing boats into the harbour with its light which flashes once every 7.5 seconds. The light itself is 23 feet from the ground.

Tea and cake

In Burnham on Sea itself, went through the town to this cafe which is right on the sea front. Very busy, probably because the prices were reasonable, £2.40 for tea and a cake. I should think this place does a good trade in high season.

Good flat ride today, just over 26 miles. Wind assisted on the return journey which was a bonus.

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