Sunday, 3 August 2014

Brean Down Breeze 21

Over to Brean Down today, a National Trust property that is about a mile from home but is 9 miles by bike as the River Axe is in the way. Where are the bridge builders when you need them.  Sorry this is a bit brief but still waiting for broadband at home and doing this in KFC!

Lympsham Forge

Out in the middle of nowhere, on the way to Brean is a small industrila estate, one of which is an wrought iron monger. A good way to advertise his business with this ornate weather vane. (Which doesnt actually rotate and is pointing in the wrong direction.)

Cider Farm

A short time later was this cider farm selling the infamous Somerset scrumpy. Very tempted to go in and try some of this but best stick to a cup of tea methinks.

National Trust Cafe

This was at Brean Down itself.  Had to tackle quite a stiff south westerly breeze to get to this point. And after all that, the cafe was closed.  Never mind, the wind pushed me homeward.

Victorian Post Box

Never seen a green one before. This is a Victorian one that was placed near the prom at Weston in 1996 as part of the regeneration that was taking place at the time.

Back doing some mileage, 21 miles today.

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