Monday, 28 July 2014

24th July 2014 Worle Wander 12

That is the majority of the hard work moving done. Still loads to do of course but needed to get to the bank to do stuff so used my mountain bike. The Peugot Project is on hold and there is only the one bike to use at the moment.

The New Place

This is the new home then. We have moved from a location in Britain that is the furthest from the coast to an apartment which is about 6 yards from the beach! Ours is on the first floor , at the left hand side of the right hand block. A room with a view or what! Now to go exploring after doing the admin stuff in town.

The Town Hall

This is the side entrance of Weston town hall, the front is more imposing. Watch this space. Called in here to register to pay council tax etc to be told you have to do it on line.  Not good with lack of WiFi.  Seems everything has to be done on line nowadays or the alternative is to ring a premium rate number. No landline fitted till next Tuesday so not doing that on my mobile. If you find that an issue like me, try That gives alternative freephone or landline numbers to the premium rate numbers. Must have saved a fortune over the last few months using that.

Brighton Belle

Dont know what this old dear is doing landlocked in the middle of Weston Super Mare. It looks like it was a pleasure cruiser but the old girl has seen far better days. Will try and find out more about this.

Evolution of the Apes

Looks the latest film may have started in Weston.  Saw this on the promenade on the way home.
Looks like a trip to Wookey Hole to find out. There are some dinosaurs there as well which could be a bit scary.

A very flat 12 miles going out to the satellite town of Worle. Getting about on a bike is certainly a good way to find your way around a new place.


  1. Hi Ken,
    Good to now you have arrived safely and the cycling is up and running (in part, anyway). Trip down to Spain in the car went very well, grandsons were brilliant. Will be a few days yet before I'm in the saddle here.
    Keep in touch

  2. Thanks Mick. Settling in well now. Enjoy your time in Spain.