Saturday, 28 June 2014

28th June 2014 Leamington Loop 21

Saturday morning ride to Stratford planned but the weather changed and cut that short. Changed tack at Barford and did a loop around Leamington and Cubbington to get back home. The big black clouds were looming but made it back nice and dry.

Barford Telephone Box

The local heritage group have changed the display in the village phone box.  The theme at the moment is the Women's Institution and the information is all about promoting the W.I. in this, the 95th anniversary.

Farmer's Market

Saturday morning is Farmer's Market time in Leamington.  Quite a few stalls selling fresh produce turn up each week on the walkway alongside the Pump Room Gardens in the centre of town.

Hexagonal Houses

These are a set of three houses, hexagonal shaped, on the Cubbington Road at Lillington. These were designed and built in the early 60s and were going to be the space age houses of the future. Being the shape they are, they can be integrated together into blocks of houses. Never been in one to see what they are like. Never seen any more in this area so they could not have taken off at all.

Chesford Wedding
Going past the Chesford Grange Hotel, nearly home, and spotted the bride and bridesmaids getting into their wedding cars. Shouts of, "Don't do it." went unheeded.

Despite cutting the ride short, still managed a tad under 21 miles.

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