Thursday, 8 May 2014

8th May 2014 Hatton Splash 12

The plan today was to mett Mick and head out to the Balsall Common area. Unfortunately, I did not realise he could not make it until I was about to leave home, fully kitted up for wet weather on the mountain bike. The rain was not too bad so decided to go to Hatton Locks for tea and toast at the cafe there.  Somebody should have told the weather controller to put the rain on hold because a mile into the journey, little drizzle became massive drizzle. Never mind, all kitted out for it and skin is waterproof anyway.  Took the bridle paths over to the locks and returned via the canal to Warwick.

Travellers site Beausale (before)

After a court order to vacate this plot of land at Beausale the travellers, upped stakes and left overnight leaving it looking like this with caravans, gas bottles and other detritus.  There was a court order stating that the land should be returned to its original state.  This was taken in early December 2013.

Travellers site Beausale (after)

This was the state of the site this morning, quite a difference. The notice is a copy of the court order (I think. I couldn't read it properly without windscreen wipers on my glasses).  I just hope that the site was not cleared at the taxpayers expense.

Hatton Moorings

A view of the long boats moored near to Black Lane at Hatton looking north towards Shrewley.

Canal workers

Beavering away in the pouring rain. They had removed piles of concrete from a lock about 500 yards away and had transported it, by barge (is that right Andy?) to a point where lorries could access the site and remove the bags of rubble.  Nice to see a proper working boat on the canal.

Hatton Locks

Looking towards Warwick from the top of the flight of 21 locks that lead down to the county town. I wonder why the collective name for locks is a flight. Just asking.

Despite the rain, enjoyed the 12+ miles ride out. Of course, half a mile from home the rain stopped!

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