Monday, 21 April 2014

21st April 2014 Hasely Hop 24

Taking a break from house packing and sorting to do a ride out in the spring, well nearly spring, sunshine. Going out through Warwick to do a circular route through the country lanes.

Just a thought, had an email from the guide dog trainer featured just over a week ago. She was being trained after all. She is from Hong Kong and was over here to learn the basics to take back there and set up a guide dog programme.

Bank Holiday

British workers enjoy Bank Holidays, days when traditionally banks were shut for the day so no trading could take place. They are now public holidays and have been since 1871.  Easter Monday is always designated a bank holiday, certainly for public sector workers so hence the sorting office at Warwick is closed and all the post office vans have returned to base for a day off!

M40 Bridge - Four seasons project.

Oilseed rape

This must be a good cash crop for farmers, certainly lots of it about now. Used as a vegetable and also as a bio fuel, this plant causes havoc with hay fever sufferers.  This taken on the road between Black Hill at Stratford and Hampton Lucy.

The New Inn Norton Lindsey

A pub I have never tried - yet! Looks very cosy and trip advisor gives a good score. It looks as though it had a bad landlord till 2013 and things changed for the better when new tenants came in. Having said that, they are on the move next month. Best get in quick

A nice ride out today, 24 miles in all. Certainly seems that the weather is getting milder by the day.  Hooooooray

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