Thursday, 6 March 2014

6th March 2014 Tile Hill Trot 19

Met up with Mick on the Coventry Road at Kenilworth and we ventured into Coventry to try out a new tea spot.  The weather was fine despite a forecast of rain. Certainly warmer than of late.  Cycled down the Greenway at Crackley to Burton Green and across to Tile Hill before returning through Canley and the University.

Jardine Crescent Tile Hill.

Tile Hill is a suburb of Coventry and is situated in an area that used to be the ancient Forest Of Arden. Some parts of the woodland still exist in Plants Hill Wood and Pig Wood nearby. A fair proportion of modern Tile Hill was built after the war as part of a nationwide programme to create a 'modern future'. This estate is open plan, cut across by long paths and roads and edged with woods.  Jardine Crescent is part of that estate and has a modest shopping precinct as a focus. The crescent itself was named after Dan Jardine, a site foreman who worked on the estate development.
The cafe was not too bad at all, very cheap, coffee and toast (doorstops) for two came to £2.40, amazing value. Not entirely comfortable with some of the clientele though. Okay if you like women who smoke and swear a lot!

Canley Crematorium

Not entirely comfortable taking photos here, there were mourners leaving the chapel and a funeral cortege just arriving so kept a respectful distance. This is a busy place, and serves Coventry and a fairly large proportion of Warwickshire.  We didn't hang about for too long in case they thought we were waiting for a slot !

Warwick University's local bobby

This is PC Jay, the community Police Officer for the university. Together with a PCSO, (hiding behind the large picture) they are responsible for policing the University Campus.  Today, they had a stand on the campus as part of a recruiting campaign that the Force is currently having. There are 450 vacancies in the West Mids Force so if you fancy a really good job, get yourself down there and join a very, very long queue!
It was good to have a chat with PC Jay, especially as Mick and I are retired officers, and she does seem very focussed on the job she has to do. If you read this PC Jay, the officer that died tragically, and had the post before you, was PC Debbie Harman. It came to me 3 hours later!

The hedge layer

Stopped and had a chat with this chap who was laying a hedge near the sports ground of the university. He has only been doing it for 38 years and he thinks he has cracked it now.  Nice to talk to someone who still gets a kick out of the job they do.  His finished product was just around the corner as you can see in the second picture.  You can see why he is proud of what he does.

A good ride again today with Mick, 19 miles in total. Had to give the bike a good clean when I got home, it was caked with mud after today's ride through the university grounds.

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