Monday, 3 March 2014

3rd March 2014 Balsall Common Bail Out 17

Out for an afternoon ride, the idea being to go to Balsall Common, stop for tea at the La Delicia bakery, and back through the University for a 25 miler. Perhaps should have taken the up to date weather forecast into account.

Baddesley Clinton Church

Took a slight detour to see this little church which stands about 250 yards from the National Trust Property at Baddesley Clinton.  Thanks to John, from the ESCC, for suggesting this. Dedicated to St Michael the church is sited in a little wooded glade along a short track from Hay Wood Lane.
The tower on the church was added on by the lord of the manor, Nicholas Brome about 1500. The story goes that Brome arrived home unexpectedly one day and surprised the priest in the act of ticking his wife under the chin. Brome assumed that the couple were having an affair and he slew the priest on the spot.  He escaped punishment for murder with the aide of his powerful friends, and was granted a pardon by the King and the Pope. To atone for this deed, Brome built towers here and at nearby Packwood.  He is said to be buried near the lintel of the south door so that, 'people may tread upon mee when they cone into the church.' (Those are the actual words, not my spelling)

The visit to the church was about 8 miles in and by this time is was bucketing down.  Luckily the waterproofs were working well but they do not stop it being cold, wet and miserable. Abandoned the Balsall Common idea and took the shortest route home making it a 17 mile trip instead of the planned 25.

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