Monday, 31 March 2014

31st March 2014 Castle Complications 4

Had a busy old day today, didn't think I was going to get a ride in. Grandson Tommy was around today as well, so took the chance, just before tea time, to have a quick spin over to Kenilworth Castle. Chose that route because it is one that Mick and I use during the summer to go to Hatton Locks Cafe. With all the winter rain it has been far too wet to use so best check it out before we use it in anger.

Tommy and the sheep
Most of the way to the Castle is on a bridle path that has been upgraded and is good for riding on. That does finish unfortunately about 3/4 mile from the castle and reverts back to fields. This one is full of sheep and apart from being quite hard to ride on with the ground still wet in places, there is the added task of dodging the little black lumps scattered all over the place. Tommy was particularly concerned as he does not have mudguards on his bike!

Thou shall not pass

This is the complicated part of the ride. Got this far, and just before a little bridge over a stream, it was far too wet and muddy to attempt to cross. If we had more suitable gear on could have given it a go. Tommy did try a little further round and ended up with one very wet and muddy baseball boot. That is drying on my radiator at the moment. We retraced our steps from here.

Ended up doing just 4 miles. Having said that, it was a fairly aerobic 45 minutes.

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