Thursday, 27 February 2014

27th February 2014 Leamington Lollop 11

A short ride today, therefore a short blog!  Went into Leamington town to see a mate who runs a drum shop, and the rain and hail convinced me to shorten my journey and get home quick!

Dr Um's shop

Based in Regent Street, I can recommend this place to anyone who wants to play or buy drums. I saw an advert in a local paper some years ago stating, 'Drum lessons, beginners welcome, first lesson free'. Having always wanted to take up the sticks, but never having had the opportunity, this seemed too good to miss. I phoned up, spoke to Victor, the owner, and had my first lesson. I was hooked. A few years on, I play in a little blues band (for fun only), and thoroughly enjoy the regular sessions we have.
Thank you Victor.

I also went to see a nearby pub that often has a big pink plastic pig sat outside. When I found it, the pig was nowhere in sight. Must be too cold and wet for him. I will be back!
An easy 11 miles today despite the rain and hail.

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