Monday, 10 February 2014

10th February 2014 Racecourse Ramble 10

Rain stopped play today. Left home with the intention of going to Walton Hall and Wellesbourne, but the rain came down quite heavy and had to shelter in a bus stop after a couple of miles. Although the sky cleared a bit decided to cut the ride short and head back home.

Rainbow 1

Although the sun came out, there was still a lot of rain in the air and quite a nice rainbow developed. This is the first view of it, looking back from the Hampton Road over the racecourse at Warwick.

Rainbow 2
Can't see this very well on this photo, but looking down the Emscote Road, east towards Leamington, the rainbow is dipping down by the railway bridge.

It was a wise move to turn back as shortly after the Emscote Road, the rain came down again, quite heavy on the last couple of miles. Only 10 miles today, only a third of the distance to Walton and back.

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