Tuesday, 21 January 2014

21st January 2014 Crackley Crumpets

Met up with a mate, Mick, at Warwick University this morning. It was a foggy and cold, damp morning so did not plan on going too far.  Only one chance of a decent photograph, the misty scene of the lane leading from my house towards Kenilworth. Quite atmospheric actually, good light, no traffic, and Oh, no memory card in the camera. "Golly Gosh" I said to myself. "What a silly billy you are." Or words to that effect.
Met Mick at the University and ordered tea and toast. Unfortunately they had run out of bread so had crumpets and jam instead. Very tasty, and at £2 each, a real bargain. Had a good natter and rode home again as it was too cold and damp to go too far.

Auckland community bikes

So, in absence of any photos today, here is one my daughter took in Auckland. After two days there, on the last morning before we flew home, discovered these community bikes down near the harbour. Wished that these had been spotted earlier, it would have been good to have had a ride around the city and the harbour.

A cold old ride today despite many layers. 12 plus miles to add to the total.

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