Thursday, 5 December 2013

5th December 2013 Windy Warwick

Not going out today I said. Too windy I said. Blowing a hooligan the BBC said. The lunchtime came and went and out came the sun. Think I will go for a ride I said! The wind had not abated but staying in is for wusses. The side of my house was knee deep in leaves and the task of clearing them up made me realise it is not actually that bad. It was very blustery but worked out a route that would mean the majority of the ride back would be wind assisted. And why not?

The rainbow

Left home and went over the bridle paths towards the canal at Hatton. In the leeof the hedges and trees it was not too bad at all but in the exposed parts of the bridleway, it was hard to ride. Both from being buffeted about and the hard work riding directly into the wind which, according to the BBC was upwards of 28mph. At one point it was hard work pedalling downhill against the wind, and that was on a hill that normally it is prudent to use brakes on!
Going through Bull Oak Farm near Beausale, saw this rainbow, and I thought someone must be getting rained on, poor devils. 10 minutes later it was me! This was not anticipated at all. Luckily, the bulk of the rain was on my back so it was not too uncomfortable a ride home.

Four seasons on the canal.

Just down from Hatton locks this viewpoint has been selected as part of the 'Four Seasons' project.
This will represent the autumn.

An enjoyable ride out today, blew all the cobwebs out. A modest 10.5 miles but had to work fairly hard to achieve it in a reasonable time. No Strava map today folks, no charge in the phone.


  1. Taking pictures of the same spot in different seasons is a fantastic idea, which I will no doubt shamelessly do myself!

  2. Thank you for that. Hope to get another set on soon.