Friday, 20 December 2013

20th December 2013 Redwoods Ramble

 Day 2 in New Zealand. A chap in a cafe mentioned the Redwoods, a forest area near Rotorua that has well managed bike trails in it as well as facilities for horses, walkers etc. As it is a fairly nice day, will cycle out there to see what it is like.

Sulfur Bay

At the southern end of Lake Rotorua lies Sulfur (correct spelling!) Bay. This is a geothermal wetland that this area is famous for.  The milky colour of the water is a result of suspended particles of sulphur in the water. Although not a good source of food, there is little oxygen in the water, the warmth and close proximity to other feeding grounds, as well as its status as a wildlife refuge, makes this a safe haven for over 60 species of birds. It also makes it a very smelly place.

Black Swans

One for you Mick. A family of black swans using one of the many tributaries that feed the main lake.

The Walk

In the Redwoods Forest area itself, near to the visitors centre, is this sculpture. Carved in wood, by a local artist, it is a reminder of what this area is all about. The forest itself is a haven for walkers, bikers and horse riders alike, with many well managed trails for all, ranging from beginners to extreme. Guess the ones I went on? Correct!

The Chicken

Back in Rotorua, made a bee line for the Library Cafe where I enjoyed a piece of pecan pie yesterday. It was so good, had to return today. This time there was a big chicken collecting for charity. It was worth donating to get this shot. All proceeds were to assist animals who were being ill treated so a worthy cause. Actually, the whole town centre was full of such characters, so lets hope they did well today.

Another good ride today taking in a variety of scenery. Have to guess the mileage again so taking into account the time I was out, 15 miles seems a good estimate.

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  1. Hi Ken,
    Many thanks for the view of the Black swans. Out yesterday to Kenilworth and succumbed to the dread rear wheel puncture. Happy ending, however, but that's a story for when you get back.
    Looks like you have found some really interesting cycling routes already.