Saturday, 2 November 2013

2nd November 2013 Barford Bash

Blustery old day today but at least the sun was shining. When I left it was anyway, not when I got back. Looking for a 20 miler today to get near to the 100 for the week mark. Started off by heading to Wellesbourne but changed tack in Barford and did a circuit of the village there instead. Some decent hills to mess about on there so good training. Well, I call them hills; other cyclists may refer to them as 'little climbs' or 'slight rises'. Did not take any pictures so feast your eyes on ones taken 12 months ago today around my home town of Leamington Spa.

The Parade

Despite the out of town retail parks, Leamington still retains a healthy shopping centre with a modest shopping mall just off the Parade, the main street through the middle of the town.

Spa mineral water

This is what made Leamington. When the healing properties of the local mineral water were discovered in early Victorian times, the gentry flocked to the town to 'take of the waters'. This little monument is all that remains of that era and the mineral water is on tap if you fancy trying it. Word of caution - it is an acquired taste!

Modern Art

At the bottom of the town, outside the main Parish Church is this sculpture. It stands on the site of the original spa water spring and looks like it might signify water

More 'modern' art

This sculpture has been designed, and built, by a mad lady artist who lives at the address. Possibly a precursor to the Christmas festive season. It has gone now, to be replaced with a 'tree' of blue plastic bottles.

Started in the sun, had to stop and put a rain top on about 2 miles from home. A good snort out though, covered just over 21 today.

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