Monday, 30 September 2013

30th September 2013 Training with Lisa Part IV

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Monday morning, Lisa's training day. 3 weeks to go to her half marathon and it is going well. Going to try 12 miles today, starting from Victoria Park to Radford Semele and back along the canal to Warwick, Myton Road and done. Sounds easy if you say it quick. You may notice lots of circles in the centre of the map. That is all the warming up (and down) that she does.

Croc sculpture.

At least I think it is a croc. Spotted in the Jephson Gardens Leamington as we went through. Somebody has been very artistic with a chainsaw on a felled tree. More of these please Park Keeper.


Seen at the side of the canal near to Clemens Street. Looks as if someone may have fallen into the water at this spot. There is a couple of poignant cards attached to the flowers, one makes reference to climbing out of the icy water and reaching dry land. Not a nice way to go.

Action woman!

Lisa running along the towpath towards Warwick. This is at about 6 1/2 miles and she is going well.

Bridge End Warwick

Took a small detour in Warwick around this very exclusive road. No more hills to go at this point and about 3 miles to go.

A good session this morning. 12.5 for Lisa and 22 miles for me. A total of 491 for September. If there was 31 days in the month, the 500 barrier would have gone. Not sure if that will go before next spring.

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