Friday, 12 July 2013

12th July 2013 Marsh Lane Meander

First time out since Sunday, the knees have had a reasonable rest so having 'booked' a ride with Mick, we can go exploring. The plan is, meet at the Greenway, Kenilworth, head towards Meriden, and turn off into Cornets End Lane, tea and toast at the Lincoln Farm Cafe before riding along Marsh Lane to Hampton in Arden.

Fiddler's Green

Stopped for a break at Lincoln Farm Cafe and forgot to get a photo! Next time then. Marsh Lane was very pleasant, right into Hampton where we headed for the railway station. I bought a ticket, only £1.80 back to Canley. More of a bargain for Mick, he gets free travel as he resides in the area. We had 15 mins to spare before the next train so had a mooch around the immediate area and found Fiddler's Green. I was encouraged to take an 'arty' shot and included the pine trees. You be the judge! Not being picky but I suspect a grammatical gaffe on the sign - no apostrophe.

Platform 1 Hampton

Made it in plenty of time for the train and waited for the next one. Several non stop Virgin trains went through in the time we were there, clearly there is a need to stand well back considering the speed they go through.

Bang on time

1032 the train arrived, spot on time. It is about 10 miles to Canley in Coventry so this wouldn't take long. Half way through the journey, we could see the ticket collector making his way towards us. Honest injun, but I could not find mine at all. Searched every pocket, three times, still no sign of it. I would just have to own up, and pay again. I got my £2 out ready and we pulled into Canley Station just as the conductor reached us. He was very good, opened the door for us so we could get our bikes off, but never asked to see our tickets. Mick was right, must get a lottery ticket today. It is funny, I had paid my way but still felt really guilty when he was approaching. All's well that ends well though.

A good ride today on pastures new. All in all about 17 miles, although my SAT Nav says 27 because it recorded the train journey. Took it reasonably gently today and the knees feel OK. 

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