Thursday, 27 June 2013

27th June 2013 Hatton Locks Loop

Still taking it easy so over the bridle paths to Hatton and back home via the canal. This is one of my favourite circuits and on a fine day like today is to be savoured.

Turkey farm Pond

About 3 miles from home, near Hatton, is a place called Turkey Farm; never seen a turkey here though. Alongside the farm, right by the bridle track, is this pond. About 15 years ago, in my running days, I startled a heron that was sitting at the edge of the water. Ever since then, I approach this place very carefully, just in case, and have never seen one again. I was treated to a coot paddling across the water today though.

Hatton Locks Cafe

In the absence of any new subjects to snap, have a treat and see what attracts me to this place. Homemade Tea Bread. It is the nearest thing to the fruit cake that my Gran used to make. Delicious. Sitting outside with a pot of tea, what could be better. You know, retirement does have its benefits. There was an item on the news this morning about elderly folk becoming isolated in society and staying indoors. Not for me laddie. More tea vicar?

A good 10 miler this morning. Rain forecast later, who cares now?

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