Wednesday, 12 June 2013

12th June 2013 Kenilworth Caper

Gentle ride out today after that long one yesterday. Meeting a cycling buddy, Mick, near Kenilworth and as the old knees are a bit sore today, agreed just to have a pootle around Warwick University. Chance to give the mountain bike a bit of an airing.

Canada Geese 

First port of call on the University Campus was the coffee shop. Had the place to ourselves and scanning the menu, tea and toast with jam was our choice. Very nice it was too, made with bloomer bread. Sat and had a chat and agreed to limit the ride today. Left the university via its wild life area and spotted these Canada Geese near one of the man made ponds. Although a native of North America and the Arctic region, these geese have become established in parts of Europe. In recent years the population has grown to the extent that they are now regarded as pests, mainly because of their droppings and the bacteria in them.  They are also very noisy and can be confrontational, especially the males over territory. These were too busy eating to worry me.

Mounting steps

We cycled to the Greenway where we went our separate ways. These steps are scattered about the Greenway, at the entrances to the track. They are purpose built to allow horse riders to get on and off easily. I cant remember John Wayne needing these, even in his later years.

That was it for the day, just an easy ride back home. I checked the satnav when I got back and I was pleasantly surprised to see I had clocked up nearly 13 miles today. Did not seem like it at all.

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