Tuesday, 7 May 2013

7th May 2013 Clevedon Carousel

Out to pastures new today. Took Tommy, my grandson back to Weston Super Mare, and on the way back, called to see my daughter Jacqueline who lives nearby at Clevedon.  It struck me that it would be a good opportunity to take my road bike with me and take it out for a spin round the North Somerset countryside.

Clevedon Triangle

Midway between Bristol and Weston Super Mare is the small town of Clevedon.  Although it is mentioned in the Doomsday Book it did not really become popular until Victorian times and the advent of the railway.  In the centre of the town is the triangle and the clock tower. This was presented to the town by a local dignitary, Sir Charles Elton, to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria.

The bent old pine

On the seafront near to the bandstand is this old pine tree. The prevailing wind in the Bristol Channel is mainly from the south west and this has been sufficiently strong over a period of time to permanently bend this tree. There are others like it, but this is an extreme example.  Through the small gap, in the centre of the picture is the pier.

Clevedon Pier

The pier was once described by Sir John Betjeman as, "The most beautiful pier in England." It was built during the 1860s to attract tourists and also provide a ferry port to South Wales. It was designated a grade 1 listed building in 2001. Two of the spans collapsed in 1970 and demolition was considered, but local funding and heritage grants enabled it to be fully restored to its former glory. It still provides a landing stage for steam ferries and is a popular attraction for tourists and anglers. Now the tourist bit is over, now for a decent spin around the countryside with my daughter's partner James.

Left the town and went out into the countryside. Being totally flat it was a brilliant change from the normal hilly roads of Warwickshire. We did 11miles in all; the only downside was a slow puncture about 2 miles from home. Fortunately, a quick pump up and got back in one piece, without having to fix it at the roadside, 

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