Sunday, 5 May 2013

5th May 2013 Myton Hospice Maul

Sorry about the shortage of blogs this week. Only been out one day since last time, that was for a short 6 miler as I was saving energy for today's venture. This will be a charity ride organised my my local cycle shop, raising money for Myton Hospice.  


The 9 o'clock start took place at my local golf club just a half mile from home. With 2 routes, a long and a short, registration was just a case of leaving a donation in an envelope and setting off. Graham was able to turn out today, so off we set off on the shorter of the two routes. Familiar territory for us, it took in many of the lanes that we normally travel on. Nowhere to stop for tea and cake though. Must talk to the organisers about that!

The Dog Inn Harbury

Not too many photo opportunities for pictures on this circuit. This was one of them. The Dog Inn at Harbury. It looked fairly dilapidated to be honest, not so sure you can still get a drink there.  Famous in years gone by in the village, as were most of the pubs, for not adhering too closely to the licensing laws to put it mildly.

The Fox and Hen

Should have concentrated on churches, not pubs, on a Sunday. Leaving Harbury, went out through Bascote towards the Welsh Road and Cubbington. In Bascote is the Fox and Hen. Very good for pensioners meals on a Wednesday my friend Graham told me as we went by. Put that on my bucket list then.

Best ride I have had so far, 41.5 miles through mid Warwickshire. And helping to raise money for a very worthy charity as well. 

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