Monday, 29 April 2013

29th April 2013 Southam Circuit

Been invited to have a ride with ESCC, Emergency Services Cycling Club. This was formed about 25 years ago by a group of Police, Ambulance and Fire Officers. With a high, at one time, of over 50 members, over time, this has reduced to a core of about eight members who meet on a regular basis to trundle around Warwickshire and the surrounding Area.


We met at Andy's house in Southam and over a cuppa, learned that we would be doing a circuit of around 30 miles, taking in various villages around the area. This is the group, preparing for take -off, with, from l to r, Alan, John, my bike, Andy and Graham. John and Andy were two of the founder members of the club. I should mention that all of us have suffered life threatening illnesses at some stage in our lives and are passionate about exercise and the benefits it can bring.

 The Caravan

Leaving Southam we headed for Harbury and then turned right towards Ufton. A short distance along that road we overtook this horse drawn caravan. Two pulling and one tethered to the back. A quick request to the driver for a photo was positive and I cycled in front and managed to get this one whilst he was still moving. Pity there was not time to ask the chap about his life style. 

The Badgers
From Bascote, through to Long Itchington, Birdingbury and headed out to Willoughby via Leamington Hastings, the village Hill, through Grandborough. It was in Grandborough this mural of badgers was spotted on the side of a house. Other members of the group said that this has been there for years. If that was mine, I would get rid of that brown stain dripping from somewhere.

The Willoughby Cafe

Into Willoughby itself, this cafe is situated on the A45. Once a very busy road, the M45 has reduced the traffic flow dramatically. Very welcoming,  with well cooked food, at a very reasonable price. I think the other four were waiting for me to go inside first and order and pay but I outsmarted them by joining them. You can't teach an old dog new tricks gang!
After a snack made our way back to Southam via Shuckburgh and Napton.

An excellent ride today, thank to the ESCC for inviting Graham and myself. We both look forward to the next opportunity to join you. We did just under 34 miles. A few hills, and the fresh wind was a nuisance in places, but overall not too much of a problem. 

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