Thursday, 25 April 2013

25th April 2013 Canal Caper

It must be Spring, shorts and T shirt on today. Tuesday ride took a bit of a toll on the old knees so after a rest day yesterday, a gentle ride, no hills, is called for today. Look out for the bonus picture at the end of this blog!

The Canal

The Grand Union canal passes through Leamington and Warwick on its route from Birmingham, through Oxford to London. This picture is taken midway between Warwick and Leamington. The building through the arch is a farmhouse and garden complete with pond and ducks. Idyllic setting.

The Towpath

 So named because traditionally, horses pulled, or towed, the barges along. Hard to believe, but this stretch is in Leamington only about 200 yards from the railway station and 1/4 mile from town. Apart from the noise of nearby traffic, this could be in the middle of nowhere. This is why the canal is a joy to ride along. Well, most of it anyway!

The ladder bridge

 This pedestrian bridge connects the lower part of town with the centre. Not really a ladder to get up it, its the name that many locals know it by. The southern exit of the bridge takes you through part of the Rangemaster factory.

Talbot Inn Rushmore Street
 Not sure if the pub is still open or not. Last time I was in there, the oak barrels were behind the bar and beer was pumped directly from them. This is a pleasant bit of street art on the side of the pub.

Bonus. The snake 

Bonus picture. Cycling back from Radford Semele passed the Sydenham estate, I spotted this grass snake swimming happily along the canal. What was fascinating was the attitude of the ducks. They were intrigued by it, but kept a healthy distance away. Not that he would have harmed them in anyway. Perhaps they thought, 'dinner' but were not prepared to risk it. Luckily the snake was completely unfazed by my presence. Pity I could not get the bike in shot!

A good ride today. 13 miles in all, perhaps a little more than was needed to look after the knees!

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