Monday, 22 April 2013

22nd April 2013 Newbold circuit

Shorter ride today before a long one tomorrow. Newbold Comyn today, reverse direction, and taking in a bigger circuit. Went out through Hill Wootton and down the Kenilworth Road into Leamington.

Arnold Lodge School

Entering into the town, Arnold Lodge private school is located on the Kenilworth Road. This school was founded in 1864 and is the only co-educational school in South Warwickshire educating boys and girls from nursery to year 11.  I was always impressed when driving past here that if the pupils were using the nearby crossing, and you stopped for them, they  would acknowledge by doffing their caps. Courtesy from a bygone era.

Leamington Boys Mission

This place brings back memories. It is in George Street, Leamington and as a young teenager I attended a youth club here. I think the highlight was a dart board and an old piano that we nearly wrecked by trying to play it. Reading the board outside, it is now run by the Church of 7th day Adventists. Their website shows that they provide quite a few activities for the local community. Not just darts nowadays.

Caught at last

Not really, On the parade I spotted Steve, a former Traffic Warden I used to know.  He works for the Council now. Steve was out training a young lady in the art of capturing unsuspecting motorists. I pleaded with him to give me a ticket but apparently, bikes are exempt. Silver sports cars are not though. This cheeky monkey had left a note on his windscreen saying he/she was loading. Steve was having none of that, the car had been there for ages so he was getting a ticket. Documentary evidence of a crime in progress folks.


Yesterday a foundry, today a shop! For those living away from the Royal Spa, this is what you see when you stand in the old Ford's loading bay.  Don't go there at the moment, the whole town is checking it out, and it has been packed. Looks reasonable though, will certainly give the old guard of Sainsbury's and Tesco's a run for their money. A nice touch is that the developers have kept a parcel of land near the railway and designated it as a wildlife area, called, Foundry Wood. Nice one.

A different circuit today, 14 miles in  pleasant weather.

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