Thursday, 11 April 2013

11th April 2013 Chesterton Chase

Weather is certainly picking up. Left loads of layers off today, perhaps too many as it turned out. The plan was to get to Lighthorne and Chesterton.

Oakley Woods Crematorium.

Went out through Warwick and Barford and the first stop was at the crematorium at Oakley Woods. It was inappropriate to take pictures of the actual chapels as there was a funeral ongoing. This building, set to one side, is the Chapel of Remembrance. The names of loved ones can be entered into a book on the date of their passing. Each day, the chapel is open, during daylight hours, and the page for that day can be viewed. My Dad's name is in there with a picture of the Aston Villa badge. What else?

Lighthorne water pump

Another example of a village pump. You may recall a similar one recently in Hampton Lucy. This one is well preserved. I did try it but it does not work unfortunately.

Lighthorne Village Centre

A typical rural village scene. Had I taken this 2 minutes earlier, about 40 motorcyclists, in convoy, went through. All very orderly but shattered the serenity. To the left of the one biker in the distance is the Antelope Pub. Never been in so cannot comment on it.  When I carried on towards Chesterton, there is quite a steep hill leading up out of the village. Last time I was here I had to get off and walk. Oh shame. Today I cycled up it so there must be an improvement.

Chesterton Windmill

Carried on over the Banbury Road and down into Chesterton over the M40. Just outside the village is one of Warwickshire's most famous landmarks, the windmill. It was built in 1632/3, probably by Sir Edward Peyto, the Lord of the Chesterton Manor. It still retains all of its working parts, the earliest tower mill in England to do so, and is open one weekend a year for visitors. It stands on a hill  top, just a short distance from the Fosse Way, a Roman road.

A good ride today, just over 27 miles. The weather did not help much though, dull and drizzly.

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