Wednesday, 9 January 2013

9th January 2013 Stratford canal

After two fairly tough days, an easy ride is due today. As I was meeting my mate John near Stratford for breakfast this morning, it would be an ideal time to put the old bike on the back of the car, take it to the Fisherman's car park, my side of Stratford, and explore the canal which starts in Bancroft Gardens. 


Before getting on the canal had to pay a visit to the Shakespeare memorial statues again. This time Falstaff was the target and if I could put a bubble coming from his head it would say, "Gadzooks. Methinks that must be one of them new fangled horseless carriages that hasn't been invented yet."

Start of the canal

The start of the ride runs from the marina in Bancroft Gardens and goes under the road. This is the view looking back towards Shakespeare's theatre.

The Locks

Never seen locks like this before. The first two or three coincide with street bridges and the towpath goes up and over, either alongside the lock itself or across the road above. Most weird when you first come across them.

Moored boats

After several locks the canal opened up with a few barges moored up. The towpath became very muddy after this point and had to hose the bike down when I got home.

Classy apartments

Some very nice  canal side properties near to the town centre. 

 Altogether a good ride today. A nice sunny day made it more enjoyable. Only about 5.8 miles on the clock but at a gentle pace, that was all that was needed.

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