Wednesday, 16 January 2013

16th January 2013 Looking Back Part 2

No time for a bike ride today unfortunately. Wednesday is Breakfast Club morning with my mates, going to a funeral later on, and off out tonight rehearsing with the band I play in, Just4Fun. It is a nice clear day but it is very cold, about minus 3. 
So, chance to look back on earlier rides out on my bike.

Railway Carriage Cafe

This watering hole is on the Greenway at Stratford. Very sensible that someone has converted a disused railway line into a leisure facility. Putting an old railway carriage, converted into a cafe on it is pure genius. It is a facility that I have not used as yet, but give it time. It is certainly on our list of venues for our Wednesday Breakfast Club. These pictures were taken on the 15th October 2012.

Shakespeare's Birthplace

 You can't cycle through Stratford and not visit this house in Henley Street. If tourists can flock here from all parts of the world then a local cyclist must put it on the list. 

Olympic Post Boxes

Leaving Henley Street and into Bridge Street, there are two post boxes painted gold in honour of James Roe, a local lad, who won a gold medal in a Paralympic rowing event. A must for the photograph album. Initially, I think the idea was that these would be gold for 12 months but the Post Office have had a change of heart and will keep them permanent. Good decision PO.

A new venture this one. I took the bike on the back of the car, parked on the outskirts of town, and cycled the Greenway and around the town. Certainly, this increases the opportunities for exploring new fields and prevents getting stale on the local rides near my home. Did just over 14 miles on this particular outing.

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